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The Poietic Generator is a contemplative social network game which may be envisioned as a 100% human « Game of Life« , that is to say a cellular automata where every single cell is manipulated by a single human being. It allows everybody (10, 100, and one day 1000 or more people), all together regardless of his/her language, culture and educational background, to participate in real time (with a PC or mobile device) in the process of self-organization at work in the continuous emergence of a global picture.

The goal of the Poietic Generator is to give to its participants a direct observation and a better understanding of networks phenomena (self-organization, temporal behaviours, panic, etc.), such as the ones happening in commercial social network sites, various online communities, financial markets, as well as in everyday conversations. As the Poietic Generator is also a science research, the data that it provides may be used by scientists in order to challenge various theories which may predict some behaviours and dynamics. See here an example (PDF).

Known as one of the historical works of digital art, interactive art, generative art and net.art, the project has been launched a long time ago (1986) by Olivier Auber. At that time, the technology did not allow massive experiments. Nevertheless, small scale sessions performed over the web or experimental networks with various online communities have provided a good proof of concept.

Time has come to launch some bigger scale experiments with the help of citizen scientists from all over the world!

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Global Brain Institute seminar 2012: « The poietic generator: a net experience for cognitive research » (in french)