Poietic Generator @philonum Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris)


The Georges Pompidou Center organized the second edition of #PhiloNum from 16 to 20 January 2017 for the classes of several high schools in the Paris region. This event provided an opportunity to address many philosophical issues tailored to the school curriculum through workshops, permanent exhibition tours, and meetings with philosophers, writers and researchers. The objective was to put into perspective the day-to-day practice of networks and technologies by students.

One of the three workshops offered an experience of the Poietic Generator. Overview :

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Images by Helen Finidori (1,2,3) and Hervé Verone (4, 5, 6).
PG session by students of a) Schuman /MLS, b) Coubertin, c) Champlain, d) Schuman/Suger, e) Poe.

« Loci Loci » (Shanghai Project)

wei-« Walking up to the place where water originates. Sittingwaiting for the moment when the clouds arise »
Wang Wei (Tang Dynasty), my refuge at the foot of Mount Chung-nan.

« Loci Loci » (in Latin: « the places of a place« ) is a very simple installation that I propose to realize in the context of the « Consciousness Reframed 2015 » conference (De Tao Masters Academy, Shanghai, 20-21 November 2015 ), where I will also give a talk entitled: « Refounding Legitimacy Toward Aethogenesis« .

This is merely a display on the ground of the overall image of Poietic generator. Students would be invited: – first, to participate in creation of this image via their mobile (PLAY), – second, to take place physically on the personal sign that each one draws in real time.


Each participant stands or sit on his/her own sign that he/she modify in real time via mobile.


Mock-up (Building#6, Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts, SIVA)


The experience may last about one hour. It may involve several tens or hundreds of people locally, and also some other persons who can participate from around the world via Internet.

Practically, so that the experience can take place, I need:

  • a powerful beamer linked to a connected computer,
  • an ideal location (a building overlooking a light colored floor), on which to hang the beamer,
  • a little help to install the hardware, invite participants, welcome them, take pictures, etc.

The place, day and time of the experiment has been fixed:

  • Building#6, Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts (SIVA)
  • Monday 23rd November 2015, 5 > 7 PM (Shanghai Time), 10h – 12h (Paris Time).
  • Free entrance. Online : http://play.poietic-generator.net
  • Videostreaming: stay tuned.

Olivier Auber