Digital Blood

The Poietic Generator is at the International Festival of Electronic Literature OLE.01, Royal Palace of Naples, Italy, between October 8 and 31 2014.


« Digital Blood », is this to say that our blood would have to be digital? This is a first approximation the question raised by Olivier Auber through a network installation that takes the form of a robotic reliquary connected to the world.

Neapolitans will understand the allusion: for six centuries, they celebrate every year in several churches in the city, the miracle of the liquefaction of the blood of San Gennaro, who died in the early fourth century. A reliquary containing a few drops of blood taken from him, is presented to the crowd each time expecting its verdict: as the blood appears liquid or dried, it is a blessing or rather a dark omen for all the community.

As the reliquary of San Gennaro, Digital Blood offers an experience to which everyone can participate, whether in the exhibition, or from any point on the planet. Via a smartphone, tablet or computer, anyone can connect to to draw with all those connected at the same time: the image of the collective interaction of all participants is displayed in real time on the reliquary Digital Blood presented in the exhibition. This image is also available everywhere and everyone can observe it and display it as he/she wishes. Moreover, it is permanently diffused in various locations in Paris, Brussels, London, and soon: Mumbai, Bamako, Hong Kong, etc.

Thus, moment by moment, everyone can see if we act together as a human community (liquid), or if we behave as agents, absent or indifferent to each other (dry). Digital Blood and raises a prospective question: if our exchanges are required to be made one day exclusively through technology, will we still be human? Or will we become robots?


Olivier Auber is an artist and independent researcher member of the research group of the P2P foundation, affiliated to the « Evolution, Complexity and COgnition » Lab (ECCO, Free University of Brussels) and to the Global Brain Institute

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Autumn 2014 agenda

The Poietic Generator will be involved in the followings events :

Poietic generator – Home edition

This is an unexpected discovery: the poietic generator can also become an object, a piece of furniture or a painting! How I found it? Simple: for a long time, I used an old PC to continuously display the overall picture of GP for technical purposes. Then, the PC is dead. Then a friend recommended me to use a Raspberry PI to replace the PC. Eureka! Suddenly the screen and raspberry PI assembled together become a single object that I first left lying on my table, then I hung it above my fireplace. Since then, whenever someone draws on the poietic generator from across the world, a small digital flame comes alive under my eyes. It’s like a global digital fireplace!


My little global digital fireplace and the oe of a friend of mine.


Then an idea came: Why not distribute this item in one form or another to fund the project? Obviously, the poietic generator is free, this object must also remaain free and everyone can tinker for by cheap following this manual. But nothing prevents those who want to buy it (fully assembled and configured) for a certain amount of money at their convenience in order to support the overall project. Say that the basic price is the hardware (approximately 80 € off screen) assembly (20 €) and port (depending on destination). The purchase price shall be at least 100 € + possibly some money as a gift (cf. DONATE button).


Table and wall versions using second hand 17′ screens (35 €)


The PI raspberry can be connected to any display, screen or projector, in the most various configurations.

Mons (Belgium) & everywhere : thursday, March 20, 2014 – 12:00>13:00 (UTC+01)


The Poietic Generator will be displayed at Mons  (Belgium) during the VIA festival from Thursday, March 20, 2014. This is a preview of what may occur next year  in an urban context during Mons 2015 (European Capital of Culture).

I propose an online rendez-vous thursday, March 20, 2014 – 12:00>13:00 (UTC+01) on
The global image that we will create will be displayed not only into the exhition, but also in Paris (NUMA & La Tapisserie), in five publics spots in Brussels, one in London, maybe one in Bamako, etc.

Please let it know to some friends who may join the poietic experiment…


Photo : Philippe Franck